All You Need To Know About the Volleyball Libero

All You Need To Know About a Volleyball Libero

If you are a fan or interested in participating in volleyball, there are several volleyball positions you need to know. These include the outside hitter, right side hitter, opposite hitter, setter, middle blocker, and libero. In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the volleyball libero position, what they do, why they are important in volleyball, rules and so on. Read on to learn more.

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What is a libero?

A libero is one of the six volleyball court positions. It is a defensive specialist position which was introduced to indoor volleyball to make the game more interesting. The libero player is the only player who is not restricted by volleyball regular rules of rotation. For instance, each time a team scores by grounding a ball on the opponent’s court, the team that collected that point will be given the ball to serve it. Before they do this, all of its players except a libero must rotate in a clockwise manner.

What do volleyball liberos do?

This is also another question many people have been asking since the start of this year. Basically, a libero tasked to perform defensive and ball control work. After receiving the serve, the libero player must control it and pass it well so that other players can launch the offense. A libero player cannot set an attacker from the front court, attack, attempt to attack or block the ball especially when it is above the height of the next.

A good libero must, therefore, have good ball handling skills, exceptional digging ability, good passing ability, quickness, and consistency. Some of the characteristics of the libero include plays only in the back row, not substituted and replaces any player position in the back row.

Rules regarding libero substitution and volleyball libero rotation

Each team must choose one player to play in this position before the tournament begins. A player who is chosen to play in this position must remain there until the end of the match. If the player is injured, he or she will be substituted with another player who is not on the court has not participated from the start of the game. The replacement can only be done when the ball goes out of play and before the serve. The replacement player will wait outside the court until the second official has checked and updated the starting line-up. This change involving an injured libero is not counted as a regular substitution.

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Volleyball libero Jersey and equipment

The libero must wear a different color uniform which is designated by the team as a jersey for the libero. The jersey may be of a different color but it must be numbered just like the ones for other players. If the player must wear a jacket, the number on it must be visible.

The original function of the volleyball libero is to make the game more exciting through better defense and passing work. Many teams, therefore, select smaller agile players to be quicker and offer better court defense.